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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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that totally warmed the heart. you know. you have all of these politics. we have playoffs going on in baseball but what people love is their home team and we love that. thank you as always for joining us. the anderson cooper 360 starts now. >> erin thanks we begin tonight keeping them honest. we begin with mitt romney something that has turned silly but might have serious consequences for the campaign. because it involved a key voting group women. you are probably familiar right now binders full of women. it is a full-fledged internet phenomenon. binders full of women is one of the hot twitter hash tags now. loaded with photos, binders of
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photos, fat bastard and you name it. when the goes gets weird, the weird turn pro. it began minutes over equal pay for women. pointing to his hiring process when he began as. >> can't we find women who were also qualified. we took a concerted effort to find women who had backgrounds to find women. they brought us whole binders full of women. >> that is a somewhat silly phrase. women may decide this election. look at this. president obama's form early big advantage appears to be gone. but whatever the size of it actually is, mitt romney can
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successfully narrow that gap, that would make the president's road to re-election possible. the president has failed america's women and as you saw, he was taughting his record last night claiming that he went to a number of women's groups claiming that the group in question, a nonpartisan outfit called the massachusetts appointment project approached him. they put out a statement today saying: today the campaign put out this from kerry he' eecht
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aley. >> in 2007, masgap study reveals that even though it started out strong, it went from 42% female in the first 2.5 years paul ryan rose to his boss's defense today saying he has an exceptional record hiring women and that is the point he was making last night. >> you heard the debate last night. when governor romney was asked a direct question about equal pay he started talking about binders. woe. the idea that he had to ask where a qualified woman was, he
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should have come to my house. he didn't need a binder. >> to political free-for-all, let's dig deeper on how the romney record stands up to the facts, that is our job. it is good to have you on the program. you heard the governor's answer last night. did that square with your memory of what happened? >> no, when i heard it. i reached out to some of the women who had been part of that effort. in 2002 it was a group of 40 women's groups of the state that formed that project that you were just describing. and like you said, they initiated the project, they worked on it for a number of months reaching out to gather together and screen appointees
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from women all over the state. and to put that together to present to who ever ended up being in the corner office. the idea that he initiated it after filling the process didn't square. they saw the masgap confirm that again today. is it possible it could have been an honest mistake? is there a way that governor romney may not have realized how it may have reached him? >> during the campaign it may have been something that his campaign signed a letter of commitment to the project it was after the primaries reached out to both shannon o'brien she signed it first and he agreed sign it to use this material to
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try to move towards parody in the high-level appointments. and they asked about this project and how he was planning to fulfill it and so forth. sounded to me, he was describing the way that he found a number of his female appointees, but then decided to take the extra step for taking credit for initiating it. >> so, let's put binders aside. did he have a good record on a pointing women. the idea was propel women into higher offices down the road and did it have that effect? >> there are different interpretations with his record with women. there is no question that you can point to a number of high level of appointments that he did make. over the course of his four year
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governorship he declined to the number of women prior to his coming i know it was lower. there were some other issues aside from those appointees there were issues raised about his judicial appointees 17 of his 19 judge appointments were men. after some unfavorable press he then appointed women. it depends on how you want to take the record. some of the most important records mostly went to men and mostly to men who he had dealt with in his business career. one of the interesting things his claims seems to take for grant that he didn't know any
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qualified women after being in business for over 20 years which is interesting. >> thank you very much. >> joining us for more on how the two campaigns are handing this, jim, is the campaign concerned right now about this binders controversy? >> well anderson, i think it is worth noting what mitt romney did and did not talk about at his first post-debate seepeech virginia, that talk with the president over benghazi. but he did say that the president has failed american women. that did appeal to female voters and late in the day he sent out a tweet of a web video featuring
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members of his cabinet and one of the women on that cabinet said in that video that mitt romney understands working women and keep in mind that he made this response, remarks about binders full of women in response to the lilly ledbedder act and he did not address that question and in going into those remarks about how he was trying to staff his office with women in massachusetts. he didn't mention the fact that his lieutenant governor was a woman. it was a sign that the president had got ten under his skin. >> it seems the obama campaign believes that they can get mileage out of governor romney's remarks. >> look, it was very unfortunate for governor romney because it raises this question can you relate to working women.
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it made it sound like working women are mail order products. there are so many directions you can go. what do the tabs in that binder say for the women? the problem, one if he is trying to show that he can relate to the frustrations that working women go through. that he does not understand the outsiderness that women feel when they work for largely male environments this is a man who had been a top executive in the business world and didn't he already know qualified women that he could call upon. as jim pointed out, he actually did know women and he had some on his staff so he did himself a disservice but the obama team is getting mileage out of it. >> is he talking at all about
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the role women had at bain capitol? it is a male dominated profession. he was focusing solely on his time as governor. >> actually no. that is interesting that you asked that question. we have not heard mitt romney trail. keep in mind beth myers went on here in 2012 to lead his vice presidential search. this is a candidate who has had a woman who has had barbara comstock on the stage behind me. the wife of george allen is on the stage here perhaps who is appearing on the campaign trail
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on his behalf. has there been concern that governor romney was making progress on that front? >> well, they wouldn't openly talk about that. you have to look at the topics the president was bringing out at that debate to know that this is the voter group that the president is focused on. and that he knew that this was the greatest area where he was hemorrhaging support and his only growth opportunity. if the president is going to be president for another four years, it is going to be because he is president. he is going to hit on the pay equity issue and he will continue to talk about the binders issue. and that he isn't a natural
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advocate in his bones for women in the workplace. >> all right. thank you. less us know what you think. we are following breaking news tonight. late word of a suspect with tie to al qaeda. he was caught in what was believed to be the act of setting off a massive bomb in new york. we have more on that tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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we've got some breaking news to tell you about. a man with ties with al qaeda has 21-year-old national tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb. suspect faced charges of attempting to use weapon of mass destruction and provide support to al qaeda.
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administration's happenndling oe attack seemed like an opportunity for mitt romney. >> the day after the attack i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world that this was an act of terror and i also said that we would hunt down those responsible for this crime. >> we are playing it at length so you can actually see it in context. >> the president said that on the day after the attack he went in the rose garden and said that this was an act of terror. you said in the rose garden the day after the terror it was an act of ter other. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. >> please proceed governor. >> i want to get that for the
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record. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. so let me call it an act of terror. he did call it an act of terror. it did as well take -- it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there for this tape to come out. you are correct about that. >> the administration indicated that this was a reaction to a video and was a spontaneous reaction. it took them a long time to say that this was a terrorist act from a terrorist group. >> when the president spoke was he referring to the terror attack in benghazi or the 9/11 al qaeda attacks on new york and washington.
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fo for days after that no one in the administration used the phrase, "terrorist attack". two weeks after that, on "the view". joy behar asked about it and he answered, we will still doing the investigations. >> yesterday was already a painful day for our nation as we mark the solemn memory of the attacks. ivisted the graves of troops and the hallowed grounds and some of our wounded warriors of walter reid and last night we learned of this attack in benghazi. as americans let us never forget
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that our freedom is sustained because our people are willing to stand up for it and in some cases lay down their lives for it. our character is only as strong as the service both service civilian and military around the globe. no act of terror will alter that or eclipse the light of that value that we stand for. today we represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver to see that justice is done for this terrible attack and make no mistake that justice will be done. >> a week later the president still wasn't saying that when directly asked. back to his words because speech writering come in handy when you have a speech to analyze.
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i spoke with the best. joining him tonight -- david, this debate over whether the president was specifically re r referring to the attack. as a former speechwriter what was your take? >> the president said no act of terr terror. you write that when you say i'm not characterising these attacks. it was a way of putting something on the record without fully endorsing it. a mild lean forward. you can imagine that somebody wrote this act of terror and that was scratched out and replaced with a less committed formula, no act of terror.
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>> do you have any reason to believe that he was not referring to benghazi when he referred to those remarks? >> he was referring to benghazi. i'm not sure. i think this is a red herring. even if a mob had spontaneously gathered because of the video and decided to charge the u.s. embassy and had killed the u.s. ambassador, two navy s.e.a.l.s and another american that is still an act of terrorism. it is the taking of the lives of civilians in a political act that is designed to have some kind of political impact. it strikes me as an act of trer i terrorism. was it affiliated with al qaeda with planing and forethought that we don't know. but i don't see how it wasn't an act of terrorism no matter who
8:23 pm
did it. do you think he missed an opportunity focusing on the word terrorism as opposed to the nearly 14 days of whatever it was that they were still unclear about what happened? >> and continue, governor romney had good cards and he over played them and he was able to push them back pretty hard and he played them. >> nor are we at the point where the administration is selling a false narrative. but there are four people dead and it is serious. the question that is hanging in the air here is was the libya war a good idea? president obama has two wars, afghanistan which he escalated and libya which he chose. >> do you think it hinges on whether or not you have one
8:24 pm
terrorist attack? >> that would have the shilling effect on any further interventions if you say one gang somewhere could launch an attack on one of our consulates. >> this year -- >> in iraq was shelled routinely. >> no one is thinking a lot about libya. but to talk openly about what happened to ambassador stephens is there is still no government in libya. al qaeda entities are moving freely and it raises the question, what did this war accomplish? i think most people view a show like this, a new savvy audience don't know there isn't a government in libya. there were elections, the muslim fundamentalists lost badly.
8:25 pm
a moderate pro western government was elected and the institutions of government were not strong in libya. but to characterize it was an important election and many conservatives brought to power pro western liberals. >> and what did we get? that is the debate that the administration wants to have this month and that is driven home by the events in benghazi. and that is why the administration is keen to make it nothing to do with us. and nothing to do with our decisions. maybe those were good decisions. maybe we chose the lesser evils. >> i want to ask you about, this special that you had on. we heard both candidates talking about energy policy and gas
8:26 pm
operations. you have a show on should. it is a complicated topic. but high gas prices hurt the president. as he pointed out, high gas prices in some part because there is growth all over the world. the chinese want more gas and both agreed that we want energy independence and they were telling you how they were going to achieve it. it is mostly happens because of shell gas which is an ext extraordinary technology that is revolutionising and the need to study it and regulate it. the united states is likely by the end of this decade to export more liquid and natural gas than saudi arabia and russia. >> i look forward to that on
8:27 pm
sunday. thank you again. >> well the candidate's words aren't the only thing that is being looked at. which candidate used the stage most effectively our experts weigh in ahead. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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up close on last night's townhall debate. they were up close and at times it looked like a boxing debate. a sharp contrast to the first debate. the body language of both candidates is being parsed today just as closely as their words.
8:32 pm
>> jean, one of the exchanges you point out is the one over oil production. let's take a look at that. >> what do you see going on? >> right here. >> watch, we are doing chopping. and this chop is pointing towards the president. look at all of this chopping. they are in each other's space, right? this is interesting. the president stands back up. this is man to man and it isn't anything. although they are having this debate. they are not coming across at cont contemtuous. it is like two brothers having a disagreement. >> it seemed like the president didn't want to be seen sitting down when governor romney was
8:33 pm
talking to him. >> he was walking towards candy. we see that many times they are in each other's personal zone. >> you say it got away from mitt romney how so? >> instead of making his point and asking the question one time and leaving it. he kept asking it and did that with the pension exchange as well. repeatedly. and it seemed to be that he went too far. he looked overly aggressive with the president and it could have been misperceived. >> make your argument and move on. there was a lot of back and forth about libya as well. >> it look him a long time to say this was a terrorist act
8:34 pm
about a terrorist group. on sunday. >> the president is here and saying hey, listen. i want to address this issue. this is palm down, not welcoming. when police come in and do a raid they say on the ground. we see that with mitt romney when he is asked later when he is asked about how he is similar or different than gw. this is saying i don't really like your question, and we have a stalling technique. >> the president had a blow against romney. >> the president looked presidential. it was a moment where governor romney appeared to be caught on a fact and didn't know what line of argument to pursue. the president said i'm offended that you would accuse me or my team of playing politics with
8:35 pm
this issue and that moment seemed to advantage the president. >> i felt like it was even with regard to body language and verbal. at that point with libya. i felt like the president stepped out of a role of i'm a man running for president and stepped into the role of i'm the man that is president. >> was it a mistake to focus on the rose garden speech? >> the facts are on his side. but he focused on that one word did you say terror and instead of focusing on the larger context he focused on that one day and kept asking the president and the president you know if you noticed his response was please proceed governor. >> the president felt that he
8:36 pm
overall won and they felt governor romney won the debate. >> but it was the libya exchange and the couple of exchanges in the debate that the president wouldn't give him the answer that he wanted. >> what surprised you most in this? >> with libya. i believe that what we notice is that we saw an increase in pacing with romney. >> i think for you the key for governor romney is to focus on the economy? >> tell us about the next debate. >> there are ways to relate it back to the economy. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> four years ago it was senator john mccain debating candidate
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four years ago my guest faced off with then candidate obama in nashville, tennessee. take a look. >> senator mccain suggests that somehow i'm green behind the others and same spouting off and he's somber and responsible. >> thank you very much. >> this is the same by who sang bomb bomb bomb iran. and that i don't think is an example of speaking softly. this is the person who after we hadn't even finished afghanistan he said next up baghdad.
8:42 pm
>> if we are going to go back and forth i would like to respond. >> not true. i have obviously supported those efforts that the united states had to go in and i have opposed those that i didn't think so. i understand what it is like to send young americans in harm's way. >> senator mccain we heard that heated exchange from four years ago. >> i heard from a lot of voters today. some said they liked the sparring last night. you have been involved in it. d do you think more people are turned off by it than are pleased by it. because when people start talking over each other, and really exchanging bashes, i
8:43 pm
don't get a lot out of it. >> but, people come up to me saying they wish they would be more respectful. on benghazi last night, there are big questions to be asked that need to be answered. why wasn't there more security and still, what happened there. the direct question last night incident get answers but by focusing on that, do you think governor romney missed an opportunity? >> i think he did. when you look at the president's rose garden statement, it wasn't talking about that act and the
8:44 pm
reason why i don't think he was, he later went on the view and lett letterman and others and kept repeating what they went out to say and this was a hateful video that triggered this demonstration but we knew within hours anderson that this was a coordinated attack with heavy weapons and we now know that one of the leaders of the al qaeda related groups was even there. it was obvious, there was no demonstration and when they keep saying wait until we have a complete and full investigation some facts are obvious now. back in april and june there were attacks on the u.s. embassy. the british ambassador was
8:45 pm
attacked. the red cross left was the president briefed about the danger there? i don't expect him to know whether 16 people stayed or went. shouldn't he have been briefed about the situation in benghazi where it was obvious about where al kid wequaeda were coming in the border? >> i want to ask you about the weapons that are actually going to jhihadists. are they sending them to these groups that they are? >> it makes me so sad. you were talking about this
8:46 pm
before anyone else. and it is so sad because there are elements that you and i have inside and outside of syria and there has been a flood of these people in some syria as this thing has dragged out for over 18 months and over 30 thous. let me just say that it is well-known that the saudis have supported extreme groups. so, it is not surprising but where is american leadership to say to them by the way, stop that and we'll do the job.
8:47 pm
the slaughter goes on and the russians continue to step up their armed supplies and the irrani irranians are over flying iraq and it is just not there. i don't know what the turks are going to do. governor romney has been critical for president obama for not acting sooner. he stopped short of saying that the u.s. should provide weapons. his staff said that they would rely on al lies to do that. i don't think they are doing it. but they are not doing it. because the arms are going into the wrong people.
8:48 pm
i support strongly providing them with weapons and -- >> you think the u.s. should directly supply them with weapons? >> i have said that and i think that mitt romney is right. we should play a stronger role in making sure that those weapons go to the right people which is not the case now because of the lack of leadership. >> i appreciate your time thank you very much tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up an update on the girl marked for death and shot. how she is doing tonight and a charity effort on her behalf when we continue. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow.
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major fall out today. nike has dropped him because of what the company calls seeming ly insurmountable evidence. he has repeatedly deny ied. 14-year-old girl is fighting
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time now for the ridiculous.
8:58 pm
>> do you prefer snooki or honey boo boo and he said he preferred snooki. >> who said that? >> mitt romney said that. >> barack obama. >> hooney boo boo has spoken. shoe is too young to vote of course. and i think she may have said barack obama. but make no mistake about it. she is a force to be reckoned with. and her reality show here comes honey boo boo had higher ratings the night former president clinton spoke. when you look at it that way, mitt romney may be regretting his answer to that question. honey boo boo or snooki?
8:59 pm
>> i'm kind of a snooki fan. >> she has a baby fan. >> she has lost weight and energetic. just her spark plug personality. >> she is energetic but come on, so does honey boo boo. she and her mom were on my daytime show. and they were keeping the train on the tracks under the circ. >> you better recognize. >> she a mess. >> she's a good mess. >> how do you deal with the controversy? it is interesting. you go to your facebook page and there are people that love you guys and people who are critical of the show. >> in life there is going to be criticism. you
10:42 pm
talk about that on the campaign


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